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Sunsophic | SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion | PA+++ | Protects | Removes Tan | Oxybenzone | 70ml



*Safeguard your skin  *Protects against the sun  *Keeps your skin glowing  *Absorbs UVB and UVA rays

Octinoxate + oxybenzone + octocrylene + zinc oxide

What is it:- Sunsophic Sunscreen lotion is SPF 50 with PA+++ protection to help safeguard your skin even in the harshest Indian summers.
It protects against the sun, reduces tan, and keeps your skin glowing without making it oily or greasy. Formulated with natural ingredients for Indian skin and weather and lighten skin pigmentation.
Sunsophic absorbs UVB and UVA rays, causing photochemical excitation and energy absorption.

Key Highlights:-

✅ Protects from Sun’s Harmful rays

✅ Broad-spectrum protection

✅ Water-resistant

✅ Lightweight and non-greasy

✅ Suitable for all skin types

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