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oxyskin hc capsule copy
oxyskin hc Capsules

Oxyskin HC | Oral Sunscreen Softgel Capsule | Protects From UV rays | Vitamin E | Beta-carotene | 10 Capsule



*Protects from harmful UV rays  *Helps heal skin damage  *Treats photo dermatosis  *Contains antioxidants

Vitamin E + Vitamin C + Beta-carotene + zinc.

What is it:- Oxyskin HC Capsule is an oral sunscreen in the form of a softgel capsule. It is designed to protect the skin from sun rays and help heal skin damage caused by UV radiation.

Key Highlights:-

✅ Oral sunscreen for convenient and easy protection against UV rays

✅ Contains a combination of antioxidants, including vitamin E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C, which help heal skin damage

✅ Helps treat photo dermatosis and skin damage caused by sun exposure

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