Softuch Moisturising Body Cream With Aqua Shuttle
Softuch Moisturising Body Cream With Aqua Shuttle
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Softuch | Moisturizing Body Cream

Softuch | Moisturizing Body Cream | Nourishes | 24 Hour Hydrated Skin | Vitamin E | Glycerin | 150gm



Softuch Moisturising Body Cream *Moisturizes  *Skin nourishes  *Soothing and calming effect  *Enhancing skin elasticity  *Aromatherapy and relaxation

Aloevera Extract + Vitamin E + Glycerin + Titanium Dioxide


Softuch Moisturising Aqua Shuttle Cream stands out as a pinnacle of skincare excellence, boasting a highly effective formulation enriched with nourishing ingredients. Crafted with precision and backed by cutting-edge molecular nanofilm technology, this luxurious lotion transcends conventional skincare boundaries by penetrating deep into the skin’s layers. Its innovative formula delivers a potent blend of hydration and moisture retention, ensuring a lasting 24-hour hydration experience that leaves skin supple, smooth and rejuvenated.

Harnessing the power of advanced molecular nanofilm technology, Softuch Moisturising Body Cream creates a protective barrier on the skin’s surface, sealing in moisture and preventing dehydration. This breakthrough technology enables the cream to effectively deliver its potent hydrating ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin, where they work their magic to replenish moisture levels and restore vitality.

One of the key highlights of this exceptional body cream is its fast-absorbing formula, which ensures quick and effortless application. Upon application, the cream melts seamlessly into the skin, imparting an immediate sensation of comfort and relief. Its lightweight texture glides effortlessly across the skin, leaving no greasy residue and providing intense hydration.

Beyond its hydrating prowess, Softuch Moisturising Body Cream offers many skincare benefits. Its soothing properties calm irritated skin, while its ability to enhance skin elasticity promotes a firm and youthful appearance. Moreover, the cream’s indulgent formula promotes relaxation, enveloping the senses in a delicate fragrance that soothes the mind and body.

Softuch Moisturising Aqua Shuttle Cream is a skincare marvel that combines advanced technology with luxurious ingredients to deliver unparalleled hydration and moisture retention. From its fast-absorbing formula to its skin-nourishing benefits. This cream represents skincare excellence, ensuring that your skin remains hydrated, radiant, and revitalized all day.


1️⃣ Moisturizes skin

2️⃣ Skin nourishes

3️⃣ Fast-absorbs

4️⃣ Non-comedogenic

5️⃣ Long-lasting hydration

6️⃣ Best body moisturizer for dry skin

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