Should You Apply Sunscreen in the Monsoon Season Too? Tips and Advice

Should You Apply Sunscreen in the Monsoon Season Too? Tips and Advice

The clouds may hide the sun, but not its harmful rays.

It’s a common misconception that people don’t require spf 50 sunscreen on cloudy days. In the monsoon season, up to 80% of UV radiation can pass through clouds. Therefore, it’s essential to use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to shield your skin from the sun.

A sturdy shield against skin damage and a thin coating of sunscreen.

Sunburn, skin discolouration, and wrinkles can all result from exposure to UV radiation. Sunscreen protects your skin from damaging rays, which can age and damage your skin prematurely.  You must protect your skin from radiation by applying a broad-spectrum PA+++ body lotion with SPF 50. Any skincare regimen must include spf 50 sunscreen, and frequent application can help prevent skin damage and keep your skin looking healthy and young.

Hydrated skin, a happy soul.

Hyaluronic acid Sunscreen hydrates and moisturizes your skin during the rainy season. Applying sunscreen with moisturizing elements like hyaluronic acid and ceramides will help keep your skin nourished despite the increased humidity in the monsoon season.

The right sunscreen for the right occasion is necessary for any skincare routine.

A good sunscreen choice is essential for optimal UV protection. When choosing a sunscreen, consider your skin type and any particular skin issues. Look for a WEIGHTLESS, NON-GREASYsunscreen for oily skin. For dry or sensitive skin, pick a moisturising sunscreen with nourishing elements. Choose a broad-spectrum spf 50 sunscreen that offers UVA and UVB protection by checking the SPF rating. Additionally, consider the sunscreen’s texture and formulation because these factors can encourage regular usage and better protection.

Apply sunscreen correctly.

You must apply the right amount of spf 50 sunscreen to provide protection. Apply sunscreen to your skin 15 to 30 minutes before heading outside to ensure it has time to soak into your skin entirely. Apply enough body lotion with spf sunscreen to completely cover all exposed skin, paying particular attention to often-overlooked regions like the tops of your feet and ears. If swimming or sweating, reapply sunscreen more frequently than every four hours. Applying sunscreen inside or in a moving vehicle is crucial because UV rays can still pass through windows. In addition to the monsoon season, these tips can help to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.


You must apply sunscreen continually during the monsoon season to protect your skin from the UV radiation that the sun generates, which can result in skin damage, early ageing, and skin cancer. Because UV radiation can still penetrate clouds on cloudy days,spf 50 sunscreen should always be a part of your normal skincare regimen. Choose a sunscreen that is suited to your needs, can be applied correctly, has the right SPF, and has moisturizing elements. You can maintain your skin healthy, hydrated, and protected all year long by adhering to these suggestions and including sunscreen in your daily regimen.

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